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Advanced Delicious Search Operators

You can search bookmarks on Delicious using advanced parameters. By default, searches look at text in the description, notes or tags fields. Search operators allow you to narrow the search for specific results.

Let’s say I want to find a recipe that uses lettuce and tomato as ingredients, but I don’t want BLT references:

How does this work?

  • tag:recipe – only show items with the tag “recipe”
  • “lettuce and tomato” – limit to this phrase with all words in this order
  • lettuce:tomato – show results that include the word “lettuce” and “tomato” side by side in that order, but may be separated by punctuation.
  • (X OR Y) – include any bookmarks matching either X or Y
  • -bacon -BLT – exclude results that include “bacon” or “BLT”

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