Future of Journalism

Journalism Skills Debate on Data and Programming #dataskills

First of all, let me tell you a bit about my background.

I am a business reporter for a 35,000-circulation daily newspaper. I value incorporating online into my daily coverage— I tweet and blog about retail and restaurants in my town, I occasionally get to shoot and edit video and I’ve tried different ways to tell a story. But writing for print is still a major part of my job and I will freely admit that I do not have the expertise to put my two cents in this discussion.

So why do I still care about this debate enough to follow it for the last few days?

Part of my job is to cover media outlets, including mine. I’ve written about the changes in the local newscasts and the changing ownership of local radio stations.

So my first instinct when I saw the debate on Twitter yesterday and in the last few days was to try to tell and preserve the story. (As you will see below).

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